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Criminal / Misdemeanors

A criminal case begins when a prosecuting attorney prepares and signs a complaint and warrant. It usually occurs because a police agency has reported sufficient facts about a crime for the prosecution to believe the crime occured. This warrant is then brought to a magistrate by a law enforcement officer who swears that the facts support the warrant. If the magistrate believes the facts support the charges contained in the warrant, then s/he signs the warrant. If the defendant is already under arrest, then the warrant is provided to him or her. If the defendant is not under arrest, then the warrant will be entered into LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network) for the defendant to be arrested.

Once the defendant is arrested, s/he must be brought before a judge or magistrate for an “arraignment” within forty-eight hours to have the warrant read to him/her, be advised of his/her State and Federal Constitutional Rights, and either set or deny bond. Criminal law is generally broken down into three categories: misdemeanors, felonies, and capital offenses.

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