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Kloc & Associates

Kloc & Associates

Civil Litigation

Personal injury law takes many forms, such as dog bites or a slip & fall.

Kloc & Associates handles many types of personal injury cases. We handle representation of an injured party, and we also handle representation of a defendent in a suit.

Personal injury cases are often handled on contingency - that is, the attorney for the plaintiff does not charge a retainer or bill the client for hours worked, but rather makes an arrangment with the client that the attorney will get a certain percentage of the settlement received, if any. Court costs and fees are always the client's responsibility.

For defense against a personal injury suit, Kloc & Associates requires a retainer up front. When you come in for your office conference, the attorney will discuss the specifics of the retainer deposit, including amount and payment plans, with you at that time. Attorney fees for the defendant are generally billed as normal, with a retainer fee required up front and attorney time billed against the retainer.